Driveable Vehicle Assessment Centre

About us

The definition of streamlining has become a common term in the world today, where time is a commodity not owned by many. At Driveable we understand this concept and we strive to deliver a service unlike any other in Namibia. Our mission is simple. We provide the means for you to be able to go through the process of handling your insurance claim, and vehicle related services, without the added stress, whilst working hand in hand with insurance industry, as well as corporate and private individuals to guarantee the best possible results at the end of the day. 

Our brand new modern assessment centre has a different flair all together. We embrace change and new endeavours, and we realise that the world we live in and the routines it follows is forever changing to suit you, the client. We offer you a latte and the opportunity to browse the internet with our free Wi-Fi while we handle the paperwork, assessments, and process involved with your claim. Giving you the opportunity to take back some of the time that you would have lost by doing things the old way.

No more cues, no more worries, not a single second wasted, just good service and great initiative.

Welcome to Driveable...